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Local Businesses trust Digital Summit to help them be seen online, drive leads, and create sustainable growth.

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It’s great to meet you. We exist as a response to an overly flooded market of digital marketers offering surface level services. Whether you’re well known online (or just getting started), we can give you concrete progress towards your ideal customer and growing your business.

100% Transparency

We don’t aim to be the cheapest. We aim to be the best. This intentional approach and proven process removes the headaches of digital marketing for local business owners.

200% Dedication

Our tight-knit team of marketers, designers and developers work in unison to deliver real, sustainable results to local business owners. Consider our team, your team, committed to your goals and dedicated to your business. 


The Digital Summit

Search Engine Optimization

If your website is not among the top 10 results for any given search, you might as well not have one. Our SEO packages are built to make it easier for you to be found online, and drive qualified customers to you.

Reputation Management

The majority of your prospects trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. As trust for ads plummet, we ensure that your public image online is clean, wholesome, and consistent with your brand.

Social Media Management

Your customer and prospects are among the 1.7 billion people using social media every day to connect with friends, family and businesses like yours. Knowing your audience, you will be able to engage and maximize your chances online.

Strategy & Analytics

The foundation of every package we offer, our comprehensive strategic plans provide light on a darkened path. We provide ongoing reporting and analytics to ensure we are meeting our goals, and adapting as needed. That way we work together as a team. No surprises for you.

Content Creation

Creating content for a digital age is both the science and art of finding out where your prospects are, and designing content they'll love consuming. Done right, it can differentiate you from your competitors, build your credibility, and attract more customers.

Design & Development

Design is not just how something looks; it's how it works. Through our UX Booster, we uncover the big ideas and small details in your business, and work seamlessly through design and development to create a website that works seamlessly both for you and your customers.


You have a dedicated account manager who meets with you to discuss your results.

Locally Focused

Massive agencies have left behind the local business owner. You (and your community) are our focus.

Data Driven

More than a feeling, our marketing efforts are based on the numbers.

Less Stressed

We don't cram our schedules with hundreds of clients. This gives us focus on you.

Our approach

Plan on Results

The days of “a la carte” marketing services are a thing of the past. We grew tired of that model, and wanted to create something new. We offer three baseline to equip the everyday local business owner, and let you choose how fast you want to grow. 

Built for you. Built to work.

Each plan is stocked with the essentials, packed with value, and oriented towards sustainable results. 

Sites created the proper way from the beginning CAN withstand the test of time. 

Chris Lee
What we can do for you

Grow on Purpose.

The digital landscape is becoming faster and more interconnected by the day. Do you have the bandwidth to build a blazing fast website, a killer brand, and a consistent social media presence? As a local business owner, you likely wear too many hats. Consider us your hatrack, letting you focus on what you do best.

Built for you. Built to work.

Working with Digital Summit is like hiring six employees without the extra training, managing, or awkward small talk by the water cooler. You’re in the driver’s seat with us and you choose how fast you want to grow. 

Built for Local

We focus on local businesses seeking to reach local prospects.

Built for You

Our goal is to put "golf-game" time back in your schedule.

Built for Them

You are the expert. Your site will let your prospects know that too.

Built to Last

Built for the standards of the decade ahead, not just tomorrow.

Begin with the end in mind

Our Plans

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Build fast, launch faster

Don’t wait, start building a stylish website today.

Build fast, launch faster

Don’t wait, start building a stylish website today.

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