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A BIT ABOUT Digital Summit

About Us

Digital Summit is an Akron based digital marketing studio, specializing in serving small to mid-size local businesses. After years in the industry, we saw the marketing needs of local business owners ignored by digital marketing agencies in favor of bigger clients with even bigger budgets. With smaller budgets, local businesses became accustomed to low quality work with lackluster results. 

In the world of marketing, we saw a problem as big as a mountain. With a spirit of adventure, we formed Digital Summit to help local businesses reach new heights. 

And we just really love what we do too, which helps 🙂

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Built For You. Built to work.

Our Approach

Focused on the User.

All of our efforts begin with the end in mind, the user, your customer. Google has made clear that it will reward local businesses that focus on the user experience.

White Hat SEO

No tricks. No games. We only employ legitimate, Google approved methods for ranking your site.

Fast, Secure, and Stable

Built into every plan is hosting through Google Cloud Platform, giving your users a fast, secure experience.

Researched, original content

We create researched, keyword rich content that answers the questions your prospects are asking.

The Base of the Mountain

Our Values


Everything that we do at Digital Summit is infused with a spirit of intentionality, ensuring every day (and every dime) of your plans are put to good use.


We have a passion for exceeding expectations. We are dedicated to deliver great results to our great clients, and always maintaining a sense of reliability.


Digital Marketing is a continually evolving landscape (and so are we). We are nimble, shifting quickly to the changing market (and needs of our clients).

Plans built for you.

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Whether you're looking to engage with your followers on social media, fix your website, or generate new leads...we've got a plan for you.

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